Swappy App

Swap items with people around you!

Project Description

Swappy is the fun way to swap everything you want with people around you. Built on Android and iOS simply snap a photo of the item you wanna swap, set a short description and publish it in just a minute. It has received over 5,000 downloads on both platforms!

You will find books, videogames, phones, watches, musical instruments, fashion clothes, sporting goods, homeware and much more.

Easily like or pass on items anonymously. You will find all the items of similar value in your neighbourhood. If someone likes your item back, it’s a match! Chat with a match and conclude your deal. To set up, just login to Swappy on your phone. Send messages and view items from notifications.

Project Details

  • Client Swappy App
  • Release November 2014
  • Type General Programming, Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • Skills mySQL Databases, Account Management, GeoLocation Services, Graphic Design, Programming in Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android
Launch App Landing Page Android Preview

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