SkyCiv Engineering

Online Engineering Software

Project Description

SkyCiv Engineering is E-Street Developers main project focussing on Online Engineering Software. SkyCiv develops and sells 3D structural analysis software to both professional engineers and engineering students. A range of plans are available for the cloud engineering software which is designed for easy user access and use. All user files and software are stored on the cloud which means users can access them at any time, from anywhere in the world!

SkyCiv has over 3,000 registered members accessing it’s software and receives over 50,000 visits per month. The front-end of the website allows users to view products, checkout with PayPal or Credit Card and use Free Engineering Calculators. The back-end of the website is designed strictly for purchasing members to access the software. It has a special user interface which looks and acts exactly like any computer software!

Project Details

  • Client E-Street Developers
  • Release January 2015
  • Type General Programming, Websites
  • Skills Server Design, Complex Programming in HTML/JavaScript/CSS/PHP
Launch Website

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